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Specialist tennis court builders - the best service you can have...

Tennis Court Builders, Maintenance and Repair Services

By expanding our own team by integrating an experienced tennis court building company, Park View Tennis Courts, into the PA Group we are able to provide the best quality service for all your tennis courts needs. If you are looking for a contractor to provide a complete service for your court, whether for a new tennis court installation, repair, resurfacing to an existing tennis court or an annual maintenance program to keep your investment in prime condition, we provide a range of services from just one company, making life easier for you to concentrate on your game!

Whether for your home or as part  of a commercial leisure project we can build new tennis courts from scratch, including all design services, or revitalise an old existing court. As experienced tennis court builders our knowledgeable team will help you get the best from your court plans or existing facilities, whether from a one off visit to a fully programmed maintenance service.

Examples of our tennis courts services include:

New Tennis Court Build - including all ground works, court, fencing and lighting.
Full Tennis Courts Refurbishment service - resurfacing tennis courts and all associated facilites.
Tennis Court Maintenance - one off visit or programmed maintenance.
Court Surface Colour Spraying - a wide range of colours to match your needs.
Resurfacing - all types of surface catered for.

Different Tennis Court Playing Surfaces...

There are four main types of courts depending on the materials used for the court surface: clay courts, hard courts, grass courts and carpet courts. Each playing surface has its own characteristics which affect the playing style of the game.

Hard courts (usually made of asphalt) can vary in speed. They are faster than clay but not as fast as grass courts. Depending on the amount of sand added to the paint, the amount the ball slows down can vary greatly.

Hard courts are usually regarded as the most equal for all playing styles. When the ball bounces on this surface it is faster than all other surfaces if there is not much sand in the top paint. The amount of sand used in the top paint and the size of the sand also determines the speed – more sand means less speed and larger sand particles will slow the speed of play.

The amount of friction can also be altered and more friction will produce a clay court effect, where topspin is magnified. The extra grip and friction will resist the sliding effect of the ball and the resistance will force the ball to change its rotation. The extra grip provided by the surface can resist the movement of the player and can cause injury.

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Keeping your Tennis Court costs down through tarmac recycling...

We understand the need for a greener approach to construction.

We have our own Tarmac recycling plant and wherever possible try to use materials from a renewable source, helping keep your costs down. Whether as part of a new tennis court build or a refurbishment our cost effective surfacing is also friendly to the environment.

Tennis Court service

Our coloured tennis court tarmac surfacing can provide a choice of finishes giving your court either a traditional or contemporary and stylish look, simply ring us to discuss your options and preferred colour and we will complete a free survey and quotation.

tenis courts surfacing colours